Christian’s Rock

I read the other day something that disturbed me. Something that I had never thought of before, but something that is so true that it hurts. I’m talking about the current state of Christian Rock. It has been said that Christian rock doesn’t make Christianity any better, it just makes rock and roll worse.

The mid 90’s are thought by many to be the golden era of Christian Rock. You all know that my favourite band is Bloodgood and since 1993’s ‘To Germany with Love’ release, even they haven’t been able to rock the cross as mightily as they used to. Has the genre dried up? Is there another ode to Jesus that is still out there waiting to be written? Are there any more ways to say how cool God is without just repeating yourself? I think there is!

Not since Bon Jovi’s christian anthem ‘Living on a Prayer’ have I been so excited to hear Aric Harding and Likeminds new album. I can only hope that it comes with a parental advisory sticker that says ‘Warning: Contains rocking gospel’, also it should be at least 45 minutes long and have a cool cover.

Another release that I am looking forward to is Corpus Christii’s new album ‘Rising’. Someone told me that their music is very similar to Among Thorns. I haven’t been able to find any of their albums for sale anywhere and they aren’t even on, but they have a teaser on their website that makes it even more exciting. An undiscovered gem? I hope so!


One response to “Christian’s Rock

  1. Hey there just happend upon this post and thought I would comment. I’m a huge fan of “Christian Rock” and there are lots of great bands out there putting out solid rock music with the message of Christ. (Depending on your taste for music…some of my favorites are Skillet, Thrice, The Classic Crime, Red, December Radio, Above the Golden State and other old favorties like Third Day, Disciple and 12 Stones) I hope this movment contiunes further and I believe it will. Keep rockin.

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